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We're a team of independent developers creating high-end computer and video games.

Our mission is to make awesome games and have fun doing it.

We're making games fun to play and fun to make. Games that make a mark. Games that haunt. After all, we're Reikon.  

Individual expression & creative collaboration

We encourage self-direction and give space for creative expression. We value everyone's input to the project.  

We strive to deliver high quality entertainment to our fans and everyone involved in creating our games.

We deliver entertaining product and the environment for creating it. We're all creators. We understand the importance of the environment for the creative work. We provide a friendly and supportive environment, including no-crunch policy, flexible working hours, freedom of personal and professional development, and other stuff.  

We believe in healthy and happy life.

That’s why we don’t practice crunch. We work at our own pace and engage ourselves in ways that boost creativity and positive approach to challenge.

We believe that mutual trust and support is the foundation of creative and effective team work.

That’s why we don’t work in a structure of power but of accountability: for our work and for the success of the team.

Making game is a creative work and it requires positive environment for the people who make them.

We work in an inclusive development model where everyone on the team can express their thoughts about any topic and be heard out by everyone.

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Waliców 11

00-855 Warsaw, Poland